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Zwift and Training Peaks sync for automatic uploads and downloadable structured workouts

Updated: Mar 20, 2021

You can bulk import your training files from Zwift into your new Training Peaks account on a computer/ computer. Once a ride has been completed the file will be saved to your computer. To locate the file click on ‘Finder’ and then ‘Documents’. Locate the ‘Zwift’ folder and then ‘Activities’ within this folder. To upload these files open the Training Peaks calendar, select all the files you wish to upload in the 'Activities' folder, then drag and drop them onto the Training Peaks calendar, the files should then upload.

To begin using Zwift with TrainingPeaks you’ll start by connecting your accounts. On Zwift navigate to and find the TrainingPeaks section. Click “connect” and enter your TrainingPeaks username and password. That’s it! Now not only will your completed workouts sync to your TrainingPeaks account (including map and elevation data) and any Structured Workouts planned in your TrainingPeaks calendar will be available in the Training Peaks Structured Workouts folder on Zwift. From there Zwift will control the resistance on your turbo trainer step by step.

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