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Wahoo and Training Peaks sync for automatic uploads and downloadable structured workouts

Updated: Apr 7, 2021

Get your daily TrainingPeaks structured workouts right on your Wahoo ELEMNT or ELEMNT BOLT and let it guide you through your workout in real time. Make sure that you have the most current version of both the ELEMNT/BOLT firmware and the most current version of the ELEMNT companion mobile app.

· Download the Wahoo Fitness App

· Once the app finishes downloading open it and complete the initial setup instructions.

· Click 'Profile'

· Click Authorized Apps

· Select TrainingPeaks

· Enter the login credentials for your TrainingPeaks athlete account (NOT your TrainingPeaks coach account).

· Confirm that you will share workout files with TrainingPeaks

· You're finished - whenever you complete a workout on the Wahoo Fitness app that file will automatically sync to TrainingPeaks.

Some workouts now have steps which are openly timed. On a Wahoo you will need to pause the workout but keep the timer going to benefit from the longer step times. The idea is to allow more flexibility when riding outdoors so you can start an interval in a suitable location or do a longer warm up/ cool down. Some of the workouts will now have a second target, ie cadence as well as power, this is all built in thanks to the new features on the Training Peaks workout builder. It's a good idea to have the Training Peaks app on your phone so you can preview the workout before heading out and see how long the openly timed steps are roughly meant to be.

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