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Fun Biking BTC Zwift Training Camp 25th and 26th April

Updated: Apr 21, 2020

Ride with Fun Biking and Ben Thomas Coaching on the 25th and 26th of April for the Fun Biking BTC Zwift Training Camp. We are offering you the opportunity to race and ride with friends from all over the world in this 2 day event.

The training camp will begin on Saturday 25th from 10am Norwegian time or 9am BST. Please follow Ben Thomas (BTCC) on Zwift so we can add you to day 1's group meet up.

Saturday 25th

Group Meet Up

Follow Ben Thomas (BTCC) on Zwift and sign up the Meet Up via the Zwift Companion App.

Start time and host: 10am (Norway), 9am (UK). Zwift Meet Up with coach Ben Thomas (BTCC).

Location: Watopia Mega Pretzel

Route details: Ride for 2 hours, 3 hours or the full 107km / 1642m. Coaching clients will have recommended ride duration's set on their plan. All athletes welcome. Using the Keep Everyone Together feature everyone will be kept together regardless of power output, just keep pedalling and you'll be able to stay in the group.

Total number of participants is limited, first priority will go to Fun Biking and Ben Thomas Coaching customers. Please direct message your Meet Up ride leader if you'd like to be put on the priority list. Otherwise we will invite new followers and existing followers.

Meetups behave like any other Zwift event, so you can RSVP from the Companion app or the Zwift startup screen once you receive your invite. You’ll get a notification in game, and you can see the invitation in blue on the “Home” screen of Zwift Companion. Tap it to see details about the Meetup and respond “Going” or “Not Going.”

On the day log onto Zwift 10 minutes before the Meet Up is due to start, once in game you will be notified when the Meetup is starting, and you will be taken to a starting area to wait for your group. There is no late joining of meetups, please be ready 5 minutes before. Once the ride begins you will see the usual progress meter at the top of your screen. The Meet Up group leader will be highlighted by a leader beacon. Members of your meetup have a green highlight in the riders list so they stand out from everyone else who is riding the same course. Any in-meetup chat is visible only to those in the meetup. Please choose change your outfit in the garage to the Basic 2 jersey green and yellow jersey, this will help us recognise everyone in the group.

Sunday 26th

Race Day

Sign up to the race on the Zwift Companion app or through the Zwift website.

Short distance - 09:05 BST / 10:05 CEST -

Long distance - 10:05 BST / 10:05 CEST -

Coach Ben will be on the start line of both events. See you on the online Saturday and Sunday!

Fun Biking collaborates with the best and is proud to offer personal bike training in Norway from Ben Thomas Coaching. Ben is 3 x British Champion, finished 2nd at last years Skaidi Xtreme and has represented Great Britain at 7 World Championships. Ben works with many cyclists at all levels. Want to perform even better in rides? Do you want to start out in a slightly better shape? No matter the level of ambition, Fun Biking and Ben Thomas will be able to help you many steps in the right direction. For all Norwegian enquiries visit the Fun Biking website

All other enquires can be emailed to

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