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The lightweight tube for road.

  • 63% lighter –up to 67g weight saving per wheel
  • 50% smaller packed size
  • 2x more robust at puncture test
  • Same comfort as a butyl tube
  • Suitable for disc and rim brakes.
  • Weight: 38g (42mm), 39g (60mm)


About Tubolito

The Ultralight, extra durable bicycle tube. For a long time, the innertube has been overlooked in the bicycle industry. TUBOLITO are changing that. Their vision, the perfect inner tube. Street, Trail or City - Developed for the optimal cycling experience.


Lightweight: 2/3 Lighter than a standard tube. Every gram counts. Even more if you reduce the rotational weight. Tubolito offers an easy and achievable weight tuning. Tubolito can provide this solution by combining a new material with a self-developed production technology.



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Tubolito Tubo Road Tube 700 x 18-28mm

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