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Rotors New Direct Mount system now extends to the 2Inpower range.

Supplied naked at this price. Can be used with New light weight Spidering or conventional Spider and rings.


A dual-sided power meter can reveal how well you ride; 2INpower will tell you the truth about how you can improve. 2INpower measures power individually in each leg to provide precise data about balance and power output in order to demonstrate where improvements can be made to pedaling performance.


Now you can see 2INpower’s big data in your mobile device and analyze your performance, pedal stroke and post-process your ride.


Just connect your ROTOR 2INpower power meter and your heart rate monitor to your mobile devices via Bluetooth.


Track your ride with our three main App functions - RIDE, BASIC TRAINING MODE and TORQUE 360 mode.



Rotor Road 2Inpower DM Crank

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