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Super Carbs is a new concept in performance energy drinks. Formulated to deliver 80g of carbohydrates in 500ml of naturally flavoured Lemon & Lime or Blackcurrent drink, this drink gives you double the energy in just one bottle.


This Bulk Pack contains 10 servings.


Designed and developed by the sports nutritionists at OTE Sports, Super Carbs is a high performance energy drink formulated with a dual energy source in the form of maltodextrin and fructose, capable of delivering 80g* of carbohydrate per 500ml serving.


Each 850g bulk pack contains 10 x 85g servings.


Super Carbs is designed to be mixed with water and consumed like your regular energy drink. However, when the drink hits the acidity of the stomach a gel is formed that allows transportation of the drink (and more carbs/energy) into the intestine where they are absorbed. Super Carbs is also formulated with electrolytes to help maintain hydration.


When should I use Super Carbs?

Super Carbs has been developed to deliver up to 80g of carbohydrate per 500ml which is double the amount of carbohydrate in our regular energy drink. As more carbohydrate can be delivered per given mouthful, we recommend using Super Carbs during exercise if:

a) the intensity of your workout is high with a significant increase in energy expenditure
b) in cooler weather conditions when you may not need to drink as much to remain hydrated but still need the energy
c) the time available to take on fluid/energy is restricted, for example in team sports or endurance events as more carbohydrate per mouthful can be provided to fuel your workout.


Super Carbs can also be used to help carbohydrate load prior to endurance events such as marathons, sportives or ironman triathlon.


*Research has shown that more carbohydrate (up to 90g per hour) can be absorbed and delivered to working muscles when using a multiple energy substrate compared to using maltodextrin alone.


Typical Values Per100gper 85g
Energy (kJ)16061356
Energy (kcal)378321
Fat (g)00
Carbohydrates (g)9480
of which is sugars (g)34.229
Fibre (g)0.180.15
Protein (g)00
Salt (g)1.060.9
Supplementary Nutritional Information
Potassium (mg)361307
Calcium (mg)3731
Magnesium (mg)1210
Sodium (mg)424360

OTE Super Carbs Performance Energy Drink

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