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Sustain your workout with OTE's naturally lemon & lime flavoured, carbohydrate energy gel with real fruit concentrates and balanced electrolytes.


The OTE Gel has been designed to provide quick release energy during exercise. It also contains electrolytes to help replace the salts lost during sweating. One gel provides you with 20g of carbohydrates, enough energy for 20 minutes of moderate to intense exercise. OTE have also designed a dual delivery system for OTE energy gels. You can tear to gulp the gel, or tear to sip.


Typical Values Per100gper 56g
Energy (kJ)638357
Energy (kcal)15084
Fat (g)0.00.0
of which saturates (g)0.00.0
Carbohydrate (g)36.620.5
of which sugars (g)10.96.1
Fibre (g)2.0<0.0
Protein (g)0.00.0
Salt (g)50mg30mg
Supplementary Nutritional Information
Magnesium1.4mg0.78mg *
Sodium20mg11.2mg *

OTE Gels Box 20

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