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Leg warmers made from thermally insulated fabric Roubaix are an indispensable accessory for any cyclist out there. Strategically positioned mesh inserts behind the knees provide breathability and make sure that your legs do not get overheated. Short and reflective zippers at the end of the warmers make it easier for you to put them over the shoes within a couple of seconds, and silicone elastic band at the upper parts prevent the warmers from rolling down.


Blue to colour match with your Ben Thomas Coaching Club Kit.

  • Stretchy and thermally insulated Roubaix fabric.
  • Ipper parts finished with silicone elastic band.
  • Reflective elements for higher visibility.
  • Short zippers at the ends.
  • Flat lock seams for added comfort.


Kalas Pure Z Roubaix Blue Leg Warmers

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