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For those aspiring individuals who require weekly communication and motivational feedback.


- Tailor made monthly 4 to 5 week training plan

- Initial meeting with review of previous training

- Weekly email communication.

- Monthly assessment of training files and data via Training Peaks.

- Training Peaks Premium account included in price (normally £19 per month).

- Weekly training plan schedule adjustments.

- Functional Threshold Power and Power Profile Testing

- Fitness and nutrition advice.

- Gym strength and conditioning plan.

- Workout files designed for you and downloadable for a variety of devices to guide you through training sessions step by step.

- Coaching client receive 20% discount off various products on our website. The web shop offers a range of products to assist you in reaching your cycling goals. Brands include Exposure Lights, Kalas Sportswear Club Kit, C-Bear, Rotor, Tubolito, Abus helmets, Orange Seal and OTE Sports Nutrition!


£89 per month. Purchase to sign up and pay for your first months subscription. Minimum 6 months subscription unless otherwise agreed.

Gold Training Service

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