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Ben Thomas Coaching Club Kit

April 24, 2018

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Surviving an Epic Unsupported Ride, Race or Training Session. Part 2

November 15, 2018


Don't go all caveman on me beating your chest, technology is here to stay and your bike rides will only be better for it. The number of technology companies competing for the cycling market share is increasing which means fast improving tech. There are 2 bits of tech I couldn’t survive without - lights and GPS devices allow you to ride longer, further and safer than ever before. 


If you've not done one of those epic rides where you start before sunrise and finish after sunset you'll not know the thrill of a proper all day ride. A few weeks ago we completed an epic 7 hour 102 mile mountain bike ride, no lights needed then but now November has rolled around and the days have gotten shorter lights are a necessity in northern Europe. Why let winter stop you completing a similarly thrilling ride, bolt on some lights, these epic days are what make cycling memorable; the last hour of singletrack, the last alpine road descent, those evening workouts…


Cable free design on the Exposure Maxx D and a run time of up to 36 hours.


Exposure Lights stole a lead a number of years ago and still offer the best products you can buy. The compact design and cable free design make for a simple easy to use light that’ll bring daylight back to your roads or trails. I use the Exposure Maxx D and Diablo front lights, paired with a Blaze rear light. Runtime for the front lights are up to 36 hours and rear light up to 24 hours so more than enough for even the most epic of rides. I’ll often use my Diablo and Blaze through the daytime during those gloomy winter days, just as an extra bit of safety from the quick approaching cars.


Competitors descend in the dark at World 24 Hour Championships 2018. My client Julian used Diablo and Toro lights to become world champion. 


Garmin are the market leader for GPS devices. Yes they still have their occasional problems, mine will be going back under warranty soon as the screen is fading around the edge but I'm sure most tech brand have as many issues. The Edge 1030 is a navigational and training gem. So many of the routes I ride at home have been found by downloading Strava segments and piecing them all together to make a big ride. I use the same idea when I go away somewhere new and need to find training locations without endlessly getting lost. The 1030 comes preloaded with apps that include Strava and Training Peaks. You can use Strava Live Segments to download nearby segments whilst out on your ride rather than having to download them before heading out. You can also now download routes you’ve created on your Strava or Garmin Connect accounts. Often when travelling to races I’ll download the course GPX to my Garmin so I can practise using the route and run it in the background during the race in case there’s some dodgy marking or sketchy descents.


It's confidence inspiring to know if you head out somewhere on an epic ride and get completely lost the Garmin can get you home safely. The 1030 comes pre-loaded with full colour touchscreen mapping for your region and the ability to navigate to a point of interest such as a café stop or hotel. It can also create a route using the Round Trip Routing feature, popularity data is taken from the millions of daily uploads to Garmin Connect. Tap in a distance and the 1030 will give you several routes to choose from, again particularly useful if you’re exploring an unfamiliar location or fancy finding new local routes.


Points of interest should you fancy a mid ride cafe stop or a quick nap at a hotel.


Most Garmin Edge units are compatible with the Training Peaks IQ app which allow you to download structured workouts. This means on your next insanely tough training session where you're struggling to survive and are losing count of what interval you’re on or what intensity you’re meant to be riding at the Garmin will talk you through everything step by step. My coaching clients love the downloadable workouts as it takes the complexity out of training. The 1030 will let you race a previous activity so if you ride hard with friends but then struggle to ride at the same pace on your own this could be a great way to increase the intensity factor on your rides.


Where too next? Checking the Garmin for some navigational assistance